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Whats on 16th May 22

*Reports from the President Catherine Fox and Treasurer Grant Eyre indicate that all is going well at the Centre and that there are currently no Covid restrictions in place. Mask-wearing is at the discretion of members.*

Painting and repairs of our premises are coming to an end apart from some minor ‘touch-ups’.

* Feel free to suggest posts, take photos, add to our profile. Our new Facebook/Web admin, Angela Lougheed, is happy to take submissions.


1. **’Sketch Club’ – Life Drawing

2nd and 4th Saturdays, $20

June 25fh, 4 hour session, $35

(check the Website for life drawing class dates in June and July)

2. **Jane Tadrist’s Jewellery-making:

*May 21, Introduction to Enamelling on Copper’ (resched. From 2021) (apologies for the late send-out! Hoping that those interested will have checked the Website previously!)

*June 18 & 19, Enamelling Weekend for those with prior enamelling experience.

*August 20, ‘Cuttlefish Casting’, (resched. From Jan 2022)

Check with the Website for enrolling in these classes or contact the committee

SCAC Exhibition 2022: Long Weekend in October (30th Sept, 1st 2nd and 3rd Oct) We’re looking forward to participation from all members – making up for the ‘lost Covid years’! More details will be posted closer to the date, but as per in the past it will be 3 items/member. Should be a great exhibition!

Tutors’ Meeting: Saturday July 2nd, 2 – 4 pm - to discuss initiatives, suggestions

****Would you like to join a ‘BOOK GROUP’ at SCAC ?? A box is on the kitchen table inviting members to put in names and ideas. We have 4 expressions of interest so far….

Another suggestion is to have a ‘Street Library’ inside the Centre for members..??

Next Committee Meeting: Monday June 20, 1pm

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *


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