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Welcome to the Members area

To become a member you must create a  login account to the site. Once the application has been approved you will receive an email. Then you can log in and select a membership and go to online bookings to book your course or workshop.

Quick Information

Groups are like social media except they are internal to the website. Some Courses and workshops will have these area's set up. There is an overall group for the Center but it is currently still being set up

The members list grants you access to send a website email or group contact to someone in the center. Any abuse of the system will see your access removed. 

To book your course or workshop you need to access online bookings under the members Tab. You must have a valid login and membership to access this area.

Some courses have extra materials or tool hire. These are charged seperately to the course or workshop. If you miss paying for the requried extra it can be paid for using the website (mobile or desktop) or by using the App. 

FAQ site issues

  1. If you have an issue with your login, go to the email image in the footer and send a contact email. This will be answered in around 48 Hours. 

  2. Some things you can do to help yourself while you are waiting.

  • If you have forgotten or don't know your password, click forgotten password at the bottom of the sign-in form. The process will send you a link in an email to your registered account. Follow the link to reset your password. The email link is time sensitive, so process your reset straight away.

  • If you are having some issues - clear your browser history to remove any old information that could be causing a login issue. The other area to clear is your password history, as sometimes the old or even forgotten password is stored on your browser and automatically fills in every time you try and log in. Being different, it will send you out again.

  • Kids club vouchers - look in the information section of the course or workshop, and you will find the code to activate the voucher. Please provide the DOB and Number issued by Service NSW in the message section of the booking or send it via the contact page below.

  • Children x 3 can be booked using one login. Make sure you put their names in the message box. To apply the kid's voucher to each booking, you need to place a single order for that class and leave it in the checkout and go back to add additional class attendees to the cart before you check out. The checkout will only allow for one voucher number to be added but it will apply it to all the services booked in that cart that it applies to as long as each attendee is added as a single purchase. You cannot order a class x 3 and apply the voucher to all. You can bulk-book classes without vouchers. 

  • Kids vouchers can only be applied to one session or one group of sessions regardless of the value of the booking. No refunds of extra money or extra monies will be added to another session. This is as per the NSW Kids Voucher Policy. 

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