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What's On - February Newsletter

Greetings fellow SCAC members ! Welcome back to class.

SCAC 2023 AGM on February 25 returned all previous committee members. Your president remains Catherine Fox, VP Leonie Jones, Secretary Susan Spedding, Treasurer Grant Eyre and Public Officer Beth Taylor. Stirling work!

Committee then met with tutors to discuss the many ways we keep our arts centre runing smoothly.

Children’s Class now held on Wednesdays from 4 -5 pm. This is up and running and numbers are growing each week. Please spread the word!

The main news is the upgrading of the Website. Our Website co-ordinator, Angela, is in the process of rectifying some of its current shortcomings such as access and membereship. She is liaising with us to create a website that is more user friendly. Keep your comments and contributions coming!

HELP! We could use a donation of mugs for the kitchen now that Covid restrictions have been eased. If you have one or 2 to add to our shelves, all of us will be grateful!

Our cleaners are away until March 14th. Please help us keep the centre clean in that time.

PLEASE continue your excellent habit of staying away when unwell. Of course this goes as well for any family member who may wish to accompany you to class. Help protect the health of our own members and stay home when sick.

Our next committee meeting will be held on March 20th , 2pm


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