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Esspressive Drawing Workshop with Natasha Daniloff, 16 July 22

Saturday 16 July 10am – 3pm, $80 members $110 public

Loosen up your drawing in a one day workshop where I will share some of the tools and strategies to create work that goes beyond the physical appearance of a subject. I will show you ways to explore the expressive potentials of ink, charcoal and dry pastel in combination with handmade tools to make marks and extend your visual language.

You will need: Black ink, white, yellow ochre, raw sienna, burnt sienna soft pastels. Ok to bring just one earth pastel but white is essential. Charcoal sticks. Cartridge paper ( A2 size) , about six – 8 sheets Watercolour paper if you have it , hot or cold pressed but not rough. Several cheap bristle and soft brushes, at least one small and one large . Masking tape, Containers for ink . A large stable water container. Rags I will provide a variety of tools and other materials for you to use .


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