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Cuttlefish Casting Workshop 20 Aug 22

Updated: Aug 12, 2022

$170 for members/ $190 non-members (max. 8 participants)

BYO Tea, coffee & lunch

Learn the ancient technique of creating a mould from a cuttlefish bone and cast a pendant, keyring or small sculpture using lead-free pewter (low melt alloy).

You will learn how to carve a 2-part mould, exploit the natural contoured texture of the cuttlebone, avoid leaks and air pockets, safely pour molten metal and finish your cast piece.

All materials and tools to create one mould and pewter cast are included in the fee.

No previous experience required.

WARNING: If you are allergic to shellfish or crustaceans this workshop is not suitable due to contact & dust from the cuttlefish bone.


How to prepare a cuttlefish bone mould – cut and flatten the bone to create a mould

Carve a form into the mould – experiment with different tools to carve patterns and textures into the bone

Prepare the mould for successful casting – learn techniques to minimize metal leaking from the mould and/or partial casting. Learn where to place the sprue and air channels and how to avoid air pockets

Working with molten metal – safely melt and pour metal into the mould

Refining the metal cast – use a saw, files, and a drill to refine the shape of the cast

Finishing – use emery paper and wire wool to give your cast its final finish


Pen or pencil, sketch book/paper


Dust mask (for working with cuttlefish bone)

Reading glasses if required


Closed-in shoes required

Please wear old clothes

Long hair must be tied back

Please note and comply with any current NSW COVID-19 procedures for the art centre relating to sanitising, distancing and mask wearing


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