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Holiday Drawing Workshop with Grant Eyre . Wed 24 January 10am - 3pm $90

Blvd. St Germain, Paris. pen and wash . Grant Eyre

2024 is starting off in January with lots of interesting workshops. The Holiday Drawing Workshop with Grant Eyre on January 24 will give you a chance to practice drawing with graphite pencils , black biro , black texta and liners.

This sketch I did standing in the Blvd. St. Germaine, in Paris waiting for my pals who were sorting out Sim cards in the nearby phone shop.. took me about 20 minutes

It's drawn with an Sharpie black texta and coloured with watercolour paint in an A5 size pad .Every thing fits into a pencil case and with an A5 sketch book , you're ready to go!

Atholl Bay , Sydney Harbour. pen and wash. Grant Eyre

One of my favourite spots to sketch. Done with black texta and a bit of colour. I think I was using Copic colour pens. Quick and simple. No agonising about detail. Who cares about detail , its the process that makes you happy.

Wentworth Falls. Pen and Wash Grant Eyre .


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