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Art Expression 14 yrs to Adult

Art Expression 14 yrs to Adult


2pm -4pm
Cost:      $

* To access online bookings, you require a login and an active Membership. 

Cast aside your responsibilities and busy schedules for 2hrs once a month and join Krystal for Art Expression.  Each session will provide an opportunity for your inner dreamer and tender heart to be brought to life in a safe and open minded atmosphere.  After learning some fun and dramatic techniques including splattering, pen and ink, masking, salting, bubbles, charcoals, cling wrapping and more, you will be given a new prompt to inspire your art expression. Krystal works mostly in watercolour and lessons will be based on this medium.

 Materials will be provided but if you have any of your own please feel free to bring them along.


Please register for the class online at least 24 hrs before the start time.

Late enrolments can be made by using the Contact Form  

Krystal Richardson
Krystal Richardson
Krystal says:  “Attending art class changed my entire life. I always felt like something was missing but it wasn’t until I walked into my first painting class and picked up that paintbrush that I finally felt whole and my life’s just improved  dramatically since then. Art lessons have had such a huge impact on my life that I hope to in turn nurture the passion and talent in teenagers so it isn’t lost or dismissed before adulthood. I also feel that it’s important to keep the younger generation inspired and enthusiastic because they are the future of art. Krystal is very much invested in the Springwood community living , working and having children attend school in Springwood and loves that she can rarely leave the house without seeing a local . She’s sold paintings and cards in local exhibitions, displays artwork and cards in local businesses and has redesigned the gift cards for a local business. She also donates cards to The Village Community ( a local community run charity for new mums ) and to Gateway Family service to help them raise money .Krystal has worked as a beauty therapist for 20 years, including training staff, and is currently employed as manager and trainer at Ella Bache in Springwood.“ To live a creative life we must lose our fear of being wrong “ - Joseph Chilton  Pearce
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