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Krystal Richardson

Creative and Trainer

Krystal Richardson has a modern alternative approach to watercolour and pen and wash that she can’t wait to share. Krystal says:  “Attending art class changed my entire life. I always felt like something was missing but it wasn’t until I walked into my first painting class and picked up that paintbrush that I finally felt whole and my life’s just improved  dramatically since then. Art lessons have had such a huge impact on my life that I hope to in turn nurture the passion and talent in teenagers so it isn’t lost or dismissed before adulthood. I also feel that it’s important to keep the younger generation inspired and enthusiastic because they are the future of art.
Krystal is very much invested in the Springwood community living , working and having children attend school in Springwood and loves that she can rarely leave the house without seeing a local . She’s sold paintings and cards in local exhibitions, displays artwork and cards in local businesses and has redesigned the gift cards for a local business. She also donates cards to The Village Community ( a local community run charity for new mums ) and to Gateway Family service to help them raise money .Krystal has worked as a beauty therapist for 20 years, including training staff, and is currently employed as manager and trainer at Ella Bache in Springwood.“ To live a creative life we must lose our fear of being wrong “ - Joseph Chilton  Pearce

Krystal Richardson
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