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Embroidery, Needlepoint and Tapestry




9 Weeks - Thur Morning

About the Course

The student will learn the correct techniques, tools, needles, hoops / frame, threads and material needed for their specific type of embroidery. They will learn the correct design transfer, use of embroidery hoops, preparation of threads and fabric, stitches needed and working tips for their work.


Applique, Assisi, Basic embroidery stitches, Beading, Blackwork, Brazilian, Candlewicking, Canvas work, Cross stitch, Cutwork, Drawn thread work, Gold work, Hardanger, Mountmellick, Pulled thread work, Quilting, Ribbon, Shadow work, Smocking, Stumpwork, Wool and many more.


  • Fabric;

  • Threads

  • Needles

  • Embroidery scissors

  • Small embroidery hoop. 

Your Instructor

Leonie Jones

Leonie has been teaching in her field since 1980
 Completed Fashion Certificate / Teacher training in 1979
 Full-time teacher at Liverpool TAFE 1980 – 1982
 Full-time teacher at Penrith TAFE 1983 to April 1996
 After TAFE I have taught in many area
 Dressmaking beginners to advanced
 Stretch wear
 Children’s wear
 Pattern making
 Furnishing decor
 Fabric printing
 Needlecraft certificate (all major forms of embroidery and design)

Leonie Jones
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