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9 Weeks - Term


130pm - 4pm

About the Course

This is an embroidery class for both beginners and advanced students to learn new skills and develop existing skills in all aspects of embroidery. Students work in a friendly, relaxed atmosphere on their own individual projects under the tutors help and guidance.

The student will learn the correct techniques, tools, needles, hoops / frame, threads and material needed for their specific type of embroidery. They will learn the correct design transfer, use of embroidery hoops, preparation of threads and fabric, stitches needed and working tips for their work.


Applique, Assisi, Basic embroidery stitches, Beading, Blackwork, Brazilian, Candlewicking, Canvas work, Cross stitch, Cutwork, Drawn thread work, Gold work, Hardanger, Mountmellick, Pulled thread work, Quilting, Ribbon, Shadow work, Smocking, Stumpwork, Wool and many more.


  • Fabric;

  • Threads

  • Needles

  • Embroidery scissors

  • Small embroidery hoop. 

Your Instructor

Ruth Marshall

Ruth Marshall

Ruth inherited her passion for creative stitching and beautiful flora from her family
and the environment in which she grew up. Childhood days, living in the midst of a
flower farm, provided experiences that shaped who she is today.
Ruth’s love of flowers and nature shine forth in her beautiful embroidery designs. Her
delight is the beauty of nature was complimented by a avid family of sewers. She
remembers times as a small child, sitting on the floor near her mother’s sewing
machine, where her mother would stitch beautiful dresses for her. Ruth grew to love

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