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Acrylic and Oil Painting




9 Weeks - Fri Afternoon

About the Course

This course is for beginners through to the more experienced.  Also, for those who have used other painting mediums and would like to explore techniques of painting with acrylics and oils.

Through a structured serious of lessons participants will, by the end of the course:

  • Be familiar with the characteristics of acrylic and/or oil paints, their associated mediums, materials and their applications.

  • Paint an object to show form and texture.

  • Explore light and light reflections.

  • Gain knowledge of colour theory and tone.

  • Understand the principles and their applications to composition.

Acrylic Painting

  •  A3 or larger pad of paper, suitable for acrylic painting.

  •  A quality brand small acrylic paint set, ( I prefer Atelier Interactive Paints and I will explain why in class}. You may like to start with the primaries - Red, Blue, and Yellow + White and Raw Umber

  • A palette (a plastic lid or white plate will do).

  • A variety of paint brushes. (small and larger, flats and rounds) with either natural or synthetic bristles all with long handles.

  •  Rags and paper towel and a jar for water.

Oil Painting

  • An 43 or larger pad, suitable for oil painting or you may use prepared boards.

  • A quality brand small set of oil paints (this can be student quality). You may like to start with the primary colours of red, blue and yellow +white and burnt umber.

  • An oil painting palette.

  • A variety of brushes (small, larger, flats and rounds) all long handles and all stiff, suitable for oil painting.

  • Rags and paper towels.

  • Odourless Solvent and baby oil.

  • 2 small contains with lids (to hold the above).

Your Instructor

Rose Gilbey

Rose grew up with art allaround her.
Her parents met while studying art at East Sydney Technical College so it
was natural for Rose to follow in their footsteps.
Rose has produced art in many forms and is not limited to the traditional
painting and drawing genre
For example, after leaving school she become a Florist and worked in this
trade for 30 or so years. This was a career in which she could combine
her creativity and her love of nature as an art form.
After having a family and while still working as a florist, she decided to
pursue her formal art education. After attaining an Associate Diploma in
Fine Art at the Pernith Technical college, Rose completed a B.A of Fine
Art at The National Art School in Sydney, majoring in painting and

Rose Gilbey
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