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This workshop will explore the transition of initial sketches into a painting and examine various approaches to landscape and the importance of drawing as an entry point towards developing ideas. The workshop will be held in an air conditioned studio. You will prepare a number of small drawings in which you will be encouraged to be playful and adventurous on your mark making. These drawings will respond to and interpret your reference material , photographs and build ideas using a range of media to make initial explorations. The afternoon will be spent developing a painting in the medium of your choice based on your morning work.

We will look at how a number of photographs can influence your painting, rather thamn just copying a photograph. We will discuss examples of landscapes by a range of artists.


.Material list • reference landscape materilal and photgraphs • at least 10-12  A4 size papers, cartridge is okay but a heavier paper would be better • black soft conte or charcoal pencils • 2B, 4B pencils • black ink • soft brush e.g. mop brush or synthetic round or water brush • a couple of soft pastels, yellow ochre, raw sienna, light pink, white • a couple of oil pastels , colours as above. • Pack of Moisturised wipes (e.g. Wet Ones).

Your usual painting gear, either acrylics or *oils are fine. • *Oil painters are asked to have ONLY odourless solvent, no turps will be allowed in the studio • Canvas or canvas board at least 20x28 inches or larger. Apply at least 2 coats of gesso to these. Colour palette suggestions 6 warm and cool primaries. Beginners can use the chromacryl range. white, burnt umber, raw umber, yellow ochre, red oxide, raw sienna, burnt sienna, cobalt blue. sed shoes.

Draw and Paint the Landscape. Sat. 18 Jan. 2020. Natasha Daniloff.

  • There is no refund for change in personal circumstances. No refund for a sudden illness.