This course is for beginners through to the more experienced. 
Also, for those who have used other painting mediums and would like to explore techniques of painting with acrylics and oils.
You will receive both group and individual tuition. Look at both the natural and manmade landscapes, still life, portrait and the human form.
Acrylic Paints share some of the characteristics of watercolours and oil paints but are much easier to use as they are quick drying, odourless, water soluble and mistakes can be quickly corrected.
Oil Paints In this class you can only use odourless solvents or/and Linseed Oil as a medium, this way there are no fumes to upset anyone. Oil paints have their own set of characteristics. They are slow drying which enables them to be worked into and also worked over a longer period. They can be worked from a thin layering technique to a thick impasto application.
The paint itself has a rich buttery quality, not achievable in other paints.
The choice is yours – Acrylics and/or Oils. 

504 Acrylic and Oil Painting. Rose Gilbey.

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  • Through a structured serious of lessons participants will, by the end of the course:

    • Be familiar with the characteristics of acrylic and/or oil paints, their associated mediums, materials and their applications.
    • Paint an object to show form and texture.
    • Explore light and light reflections.
    • Gain knowledge of colour theory and tone.
    • Understand the principles and their applications to composition.

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