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This course is for everyone who likes to create a tangible work and is suitable for beginners to the more experienced. The printmaking course produces prints using many household items and leaves the more technical gear behind, which makes for a lot of fun. There will be both individual and group tuition.
The range of prints you will learn to produce can be used for anything from card making, book making (learnt in class) through to high end art. This is a nine week course. 

Printmaking made easy. Rose Gilbey.

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  • How to create mono prints, using watercolours, inks and acrylic paints.
     How to make lino and wood blocks.
     Using the lino and wood blocks to create colour reduction prints.
     Making and using stencils in a creative way.
     The craft of etching and lithography, using kitchen supplies.
     Successful printing.
     Using your print making skills within mixed media works.
     Creating cards and books using a variety of techniques to showcase your prints.