Our Membership fee is $30 for the current calendar year. The fee  reduces to $15.00 after 1st July.

 It must be renewed each year. Membership is not refundable.

 A paid membership fee entitles you to enrol in our classes and obtain a member discount for workshops

and at art stores. .It also allows you to participate  Centre events such as our annual members exhibition. 

The personal information we collect for your membership will be used to establish and manage your

membership and also to provide you with information about  upcoming events.


If you don't want to be contacted please email us at artcentre2777@gmail.com to opt out.


 Our standard course fee is $130 for a nine weeks course. There are no concessions .We refund a 

paid course fee only in the event that the course doesn't run or for a serious medical emergency. Term four 2021 charges may vary depending on class duration. 

What happens after you pay for your enrolment?  

  1.  You will receive a copy of your order sent to the email you used on the order. This is your official receipt for payment .

  2. Your payment is sent electronically to either PayPal or our online bank  (Stripe Online, a registered Australian on line bank) .

  3. Class details are recorded manually on the relevant class or workshop roll by our Treasurer and new membership details added manually to our accounts. If you have forgotten to pay your membership we will contact you . 

  4. You must supply proof of Covid vaccination, preferably before you enrol, ( email copy to artcentre2777@gmail.com) . Only fully vaccinated members can enrol for the current Term 4 2021.



Paying for someone else? 

When filling out the order form, put the person's name in the shipping details. Your name can appear in the billing details along with payment info. 

Go to the Membership and Enrolment Page to make payments.



There are four terms like the Schools. The calendar shows the four terms and holidays and other planned events for the current year.  Download the Year  Calendar here




The term timetable shows all the courses for the current term. Download the current timetable here.

Durations will vary in Term 4 2021 due to some tutors not being fully vaccinated at start of Term. You can enrol up to 2 days before Classes start. 



                 The Members Handbook contains lots of information about the functioning of the Centre. Download the Members Handbook here 


Our Constitution contains the rules governing this organisation. Download the Constitution here