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Succeeding With Pastel




Sat 20 January 2024.

10am - 3.30pm

About the Course

This workshop will introduce you to the wide range of pastels, including oil pastel, water soluble pastels and the more widely known chalk pastels. We will work from a range of photographs, related to landscape , urban and floral subjects This workshop is suitable for beginners as well as more advanced pastelists wanting to extend their practice.

Grant will initially demonstrate techniques for using all three pastel types.

You can then experiment and get used to the style that suits you

You will have an opportunity to create a finished work to take home.

The workshop will be relaxed and casual in our large air conditioned art room with access to table easels, and boards if required.

What You will Learn:

  • Materials and techniques for dry and wet pastel use. .

  • Use of colour as tone

  • Layering and blending techniques with oil and water soluble pastels.

What to Bring :

  • Several Canson colored Mi teines sheets A4 light grey , light red

  • Pastels : whatever you have In warm and cool colours plus tints plus earth colours of umber and sienna. Grant will have a variety for you to try as well.

  • Watersoluble soluble pastels ( Lyra or Caran D’Ache in red blue yellow and some tints )

  • Oil Pastels ( Cheap sets are harder and ok to use ) , A few Sennelier soft oil pastels in red, blue , yellow colours and tints, earths etc will allow a nice finish to the cheaper sticks.

  • Art Spectrum soft pastels in the same colours as above .

  • Couple of cheap brushes for blending pastel , one a soft hair and one a stiffer bristle. Whatever you have

  • Kneadable rubber,

  •  Staedtler white rubber. A board and clips or masking tape

  • Wet Ones for hands.

  • Note book and biro, pencil for sketching ideas .

  • Lunch ( 40min ) and a mug for hot drinks ( tea and instant coffee supplied) .

Grant will have a variety of pastels and coloured papers to try.

We supply desk easels and boards.

Your Instructor

Grant Eyre

Grant Eyre

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