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Sandcasting Workshop




Sat October 21


About the Course

Learn this simple and cost effective method to reproduce existing objects in metal

(pewter). Objects such as shells, twigs, seed pods, small toys, buttons, pre-existing

jewellery or items made from polymer clay, wood, plastic etc can be transferred to metal.

You will learn how to make a two part mould using oil sand to cast one or two objects

simultaneously. Those with some previous knowledge may wish to alter the mould by

adding texture, a bail and/or flattening the reverse of the master object. You will have the

opportunity to create one or two metal castings.

All tools, equipment and 15g metal (pewter) are included in the fee.

You may bring (scrap) silver if you wish to use this metal

Your Instructor

Jane Tadrist

Jane Tadrist

Jane is a committed Blue Mountains maker who exhibits and sells her jewellery and silver work locally and regionally. She is an experienced educator and community artist who specialises in working with young offenders. Jane is also qualified to practice as an art therapist. Her art practice is an ongoing exploration of a sense of place and identity. Collections of work have been inspired by the south coast of England; brutalist modern architecture of British ‘new towns’; distant destinations such as Nepal and most recently the flora of the Blue Mountains. Jane believes that to understand herself she needs to reflect on what has shaped her by examining her environment and that of others

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