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2 Day Hat Making Workshop




5/8 & 6/8 10am - 430pm

About the Course

Learn to design and craft your own  fabric hats, with tutor, Christine Thompson. You will learn the skills and techniques to create an unique fabric hat.  Day One: Learn the skills of pattern drafting. Measure your head to create a custom hat pattern.  With guidance from Christine you will perfect your pattern until its perfect.  Day Two: You will put your patterns into action and  learn how to create a beautiful fabric hat from start to finish. 

This workshop is for anyone who loves fashion and wants to explore the art of millinery.   See  below Student Requirements for list of materials to bring . The tutor will supply a specialised materials pack for $25 each on the first day - Click here to pay for Materials Pack

Please check and confirm your availability for the duration of the workshop.  No refund after you reserve a place by booking .

Materials students are required to bring.

Day One:  Paper 5 large sheets for drafting patterns. 2 sheets of cardboard. Foam board ( or corflute) one metre sq. Sq ruler or protractor. A long ruler. Clear plastic rule  in mm.  Tape measure with hole in end from haberdashery shop. pacer pencil or pencil and sharpner, eraser. FIne felt tip marker pen. Scissors for paper cutting. Drawing pins. Masking tape, compass to draw circles. Pen and notebook. Designs and pictures of hats. Lunch and cup 

Day  Two: Sewing machine and equipment ( bobbin, spare needles etc). yesterdays hat pattern, dressmaker's pins. quick unpick fabric  scissors. woven iron on interfacing ( supplied ). 1m fabric in chosen colour, with body eg cotton. Patchwork cotton, drill , furnishing cotton, etc.  Half a metre of fine cotton fabric eg poplin, for lining in matching colour to chosen colour . Machine thread to match fabric. pen and note book.  Lunch and cup.  

Your Instructor

Christine Thompson

Australian milliner/hatmaker, Christine Thompson, is an award-winning milliner with over 25 years of experience in Film, Theatre, Opera, and Musicals. She has made hats of a wide variety of sizes, styles, and colours for customers, actors, performances, and shows. Many of them featuring in popular movies, music videos, live concert performances, and operas.

Christine’s designs have appeared in the feature film Moulin Rouge, worn by Nicole Kidman, in live performances of Frozen & Aladdin, Muriel's Wedding, King Kong, Love Never Dies, Dr. Zhivago, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, and Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead. Her designs have also featured in the operas My Fair Lady, Carmen, The Magic Flute, Madame Butterfly, Phantom of the Opera, and The King and I.

Christine creates custom designs for a variety of clients. She has had the pleasure of making custom-made hats for many celebrities for use in their shows, feature films, and music videos. Including:

Nicole Kidman's black velvet top hat for Moulin Rouge, which can be seen in her performance of Diamonds are the Girls Best Friend. Tara Moss's Steampunk hats and wide-brimmed Sun hats can be seen in many of her Instagram posts. Katy Perry's turban headdresses for American Idol and Musical Treble Clef headdress for the Jazz and Heritage Festival in New Orleans, and Glenn A Baker's distinctive Fez hats for Music Awards and TV presentations.

In between working for theatre and film products, and designing for celebrities, Christine opened her studio in Woodford, a leafy suburb nestled in the beautiful Blue Mountains National Park to the public. If you would like to look and feel like a celebrity with a custom creation, or go for the more practical hat or cap, make an appointment to discuss your needs.

Christine Thompson
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