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Watercolour Practice




9 Weeks - Wed Afternoon

About the Course

Each week will contain a practical exercise using still life setups or photographs. We will also look at the work of professional painters to draw inspiration.  Raw beginners will be taken step by step through the process  of making a simple watercolour painting, mixing colours correctly, the techniqies of applying watercolour .  More advanced students can brush up their colour mixing, composition and shadow techniques. 

How to  composing and executing a simple painting in watercolour.

How to mix strong darks . 

Using shadows for effect.

Apply a wash of colour.  Applying a graduated wash .

Hard, soft and lost edges for greater  visual impact .

Materials List

Your Instructor

Grant Eyre

Grant Eyre is a visual artist with a working career as a civil
draftsman followed by a retirement learning to paint and
draw. His journey in Art has lead to four First Prizes in
Drawing, several Highly Commended awards , with works
in private collections.

Grant Eyre
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