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Watercolour Practice





9 Weeks - Term


1pm - 330pm

About the Course


Raw beginners will be taken step by step through the process  of making a simple watercolour painting, mixing colours correctly, the techniqies of applying watercolour

More advanced students can brush up their colour mixing, composition and shadow techniques. 

Each week will contain a practical exercise using still life setups or photographs. We will also look at the work of professional painters to draw inspiration.

What You Will Learn:

  • How to  composing and executing a simple painting in watercolour.

  • How to mix strong darks . 

  • Using shadows for effect.

  • Apply a wash of colour.  Applying a graduated wash .

  • Hard, soft and lost edges for greater  visual impact .

Materials List

  • A4 Sketchbook for notes and tonal drawings, 2b pencil, kneadable eraser. .

  • Watercolour paper 300 gsm medium press ( not hot press, not rough ). Either buy one full sheet and tear up into A4 or buy a pad.

    Recommended Brands: Arches Watercolour Pad; Fabriano Savoir Faire Pad, Canson XL Series; Strathmore Watercolor Pad. Size around A4 . Good paper is reusable.

Do not buy MontMatre, Reeves or other student quality cheap paper. They contain wood pulp and the results will disappoint

  • Black biro or fineliner 0.5 ( not a gel pen).

  • Artist quality watercolour tubes : Art Spectrum Cobalt and Ultramarine Blue, Spectrum Yellow, Naples Yellow, Spectrum Red, Pilbara Red, Burnt Sienna, Raw Sienna.

  • A couple of cheap No 16 and No. 10 round brushes. A No10 flat brush as well . A cheap flat 12 mm paint brush .

  • Two water containers.

  • Old handtowel or large rag to control brush fluid level

  • A plastic palette such as Art Spectrum Colour Keeper Plastic palette with lid. You will squeeze out paint in small hole, add water in larger pan and mix with other colours in third pan, so you need a reasonable pallette .

  • An empty perfume sprayer filled with water

  • Backing board and masking tape.

  • Hair dryer and mug for a cuppa.

Your Instructor

Grant Eyre

Grant Eyre

Grant Eyre is a visual artist with a working career as a civil
draftsman followed by a retirement learning to paint and
draw. His journey in Art has lead to four First Prizes in
Drawing, several Highly Commended awards , with works
in private collections.

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