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Pastelling with Grant





nine weeks


1pm - 3.30pm

About the Course

This course will explore pastel techniques and colour mixing to help you develop your pastel skills. Each week we will undertake a practical exercise using either a still life setup or photographs. The course is aimed at beginners and more experienced pastellists as we will go into the use of limited colour schemes. I will demonstrate the use of chalk pastels and oil pastels . So you can bring both types if you like .

Material to Bring.

If starting out buy a few soft chalk pastels in primary colours ( red, blue and yellow...warms and darks ) Art Spectrum is a good brand. Also buy a few secondary colours : orange, green and purple. Red- orange, yellow orange , blue -green , blue- violet and red violet . Some earth colours of brown and a few grays ( light, medium and dark gray) . I will lend oil pastels to try, no need to buy. Otherwise bring what you already have.

A few pastel pencils for fine details

A can of workable spray fixative , Micador brand.

Stiff board and masking tape.

A4 Canson coloured paper in light grey or sand colour.

A5 sketch book, pencil and kneadable soft rubber .

Mug for tea or coffee.

Baby wipes to clean up.

Your Instructor

Grant Eyre

Grant Eyre

Grant is a self taught local exhibiting artist. He has over sixteen years experience in visual art and has won a number of first prizes for drawing. He has a strong understanding of pastel techniques and colour theory

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