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Kids Fine Art 5-9 & 9-14 years





9 Weeks - Term

Wednesday 9-14 years & Thursday 5-9 years

4pm - 5 pm

About the Course

This 9-week course aims at providing quality art classes for children aged 5-9 & 9-14 years. Children will enjoy creating and completing artwork each week using a variety of mediums on quality 300-gram paper.  Children are encouraged to be creative and choose their preferred mediums to complete their artworks.

What you will learn:                                                              


·       Drawing techniques

·       Painting skills

·       Colour theory

·       Mark making

·       Journaling


What mediums you will use:   


·       Graphite Pencils                                  

·       Charcoal                                                                                  

·       Acrylic paints                                                                     

·       Watercolour palettes

·       Oil pastels.      

·       Sharpies

·       Mixed media


Note: This course is for children from 5 - 9 and 9 - 14 years of age.


Term Cost: $170 includes all materials for the 9 weeks course.

(equates to $18.90 per class)

 Creative Kids voucher $50 - is available to use on booking. Read the booking information in the online booking area to apply your voucher. Note: Creative Kids $50 vouchers are only issued to those without previously claimed vouchers from Services NSW. You'll need the voucher details before booking the service you wish to claim it against. Any rejected voucher numbers will require full payment of the funds to secure booked position. No refunds or transfers are allowed on claimed vouchers.

Your Instructor

Gail Chamacho

Gail Chamacho

Springwood based artist and tutor Gail Camacho works mainly in acrylics and mixed media. Gail holds an Advanced Diploma of Fine Arts and Certificate in Ceramics. Gail describes her art works as being “Whimsical colourful characters and animals captured in a moment of reflection and joy”. Gail has been creating art for over 30 years and has many years’ experience teaching children drawing, painting and clay work sculptures. Gail is excited to join the team at Springwood Community Arts Centre to share her skills and knowledge with children in the local area.

“Every child is an artist”. PICASSO

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