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Foundation Drawing





9 Weeks - Term


1230pm - 3pm

About the Course

Starting from the classical drawing skills of observation drawing, learning accuracy of outlines, proportions, tonal shading and perspective, students will be guided into consideration of composition, subject selection and interpretation using a variety of drawing media, including coloured and soluble media.

Using simple drawing materials we will look at learning the basic methods of sound observation drawing, including:-

 Getting the shapes right: Proportional judgements. Comparative measurement.

 Tonal Shading:. How to see and put down tone using different methods of shading. Using Contrast to create three dimensional space.

 Nature Studies: Shells, plants, animals and birds.

 Composition: Some pointers on how to improve compositional balance and dynamics, including the use of focal Points.

 Perspective drawing: Basic principles of freehand perspective drawing.

 Portrait and figure drawing: An introduction to proportions of the face and figure and different approaches to their representation.

 Mixed Media: Try out drawing materials or new combinations including Charcoal, Conte Crayon, Colour Pencil, Inks, and Pastels. A chance to free up

Materials List

Your Instructor

Owen Thompson

Owen Thompson

Owen Thompson holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts, having majored in painting and
printmaking at the College of Fine Arts, University of New South Wales, and the
Adelaide Art School. He taught art at the secondary level at Roseville College,
has tutored in watercolour at the University of New South Wales and Klaus Von
Bruch (KVB) College and currently teaches painting and drawing at Julian
Ashton Art School, Sydney.

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