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Drawing from Life ( clothes on )





fortnightly sessions


10am -12pm

About the Course

This class is for those of you who love to draw figures from life, but perhaps find it

difficult to find subjects beyond your family members or lack confidence covertly

drawing people in cafes or on buses or trains.

Session dates for term 3 - 26 July, 9 Aug, 23 Aug, 13 Sept,27 Sept.

The class differs from the usual Life Drawing classes in that you - the class

participants – will take turns to be the models, but – importantly - you will get to keep

your clothes on. Everyone will need to take a turn or two or three throughout the

course. The two-hour class will go from short two or five minute poses towards

longer ones of 15 to 20 minutes. The poses may vary in some weeks to include two

people sitting together as subjects, or participants working in pairs to draw each

other. The two hours will allow time for a coffee break and a chat and a look at

others’ work. Apart from the hard work of drawing it will be a relaxed and informal

class setting.

You can choose whatever materials you like to draw or paint the subjects. Bring

anything you need – it is completely up to you. You will be able to use the desk

easels at the centre if you wish. As the class will run in the back room the numbers

are limited to 8 at present.

Keep in mind this is not a tutored class, but you are sure to learn from each other as

you tackle the various challenges of the subject and the pose. You will also learn

from watching the way other people use different media and papers.


Kristine McLean

Your Instructor

untutored - independent activity

untutored - independent activity

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